Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Lush - Butterball Bath Ballistic Review

Th Butterball is the first Lush product I ever tried, I found the concept of the store quite intimidating back then, I had absolutely no idea what any of the products were and it was all a bit overwhelming. I am very pleased I picked this one though as it's a repurchase I regularly make. At £2.65 it's also one of their purse friendly products.

Butterball - Lush - £2.65 - DIRECT LINK

It's not much to look at in or out of the bath but it does work miracles for dry/sensitive skin. The off white specks are cocoa butter which leaves a velvety, buttery film over the top of the bath making it perfect for anyone that wants a long soak. Interestingly it also contains Ylang Ylang which is used to help relax people with stress or anger issues, depression or prone to panic attacks. Which is probably why I always feel so content and sleepy after using it. Let me know if you're a fan of this Bath Ballistic.

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