Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Laduree - Macaroons for moi

A follow on from my A London Day post I thought Laduree deserved a post to itself, so let me take you to where the most delicious macaroons live.

Spot the lady....

This store is located at the back of Harrods in Knightsbridge, London. Nearby there is also one in Burlington Arcade which is near Old Bond Street/ Green Park and then in Covent Garden, near the apple store and market.

ahhhh it's so pretty

Known for their delectable macaroons they have an impressive range of flavours and they can be bought individually for around £1.75 each or in beautiful boxes. It' also a tea shop and serves all sorts of yummy treats.

There are so many pretty boxes and different special edition collections, I particularly like their key chains, stationery and make up range. Everything is just so pretty!!

I left very happy with 3 salted caramel and one chocolate. You have to try the salted caramel ones, you literally have no choice, these are the ruler of the macaroons and are the most delicious things ever!

Let me know what your favourite flavour is!!

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