Wednesday, 15 April 2015

11 Code Words for your time of the month

Probably the strangest and most random post I've ever written but I've recently heard some very strange code words for a certain time of the month and some are just so peculiar I had to share them!

  1. Are the Decorators in?
  2. T.O.M around?
  3. The painters are in
  4. Shark Week
  5. Surfing the crimson wave
  6. Paging Edward Cullen
  7. Parting the red sea
  8. The tomato soup is on the boil
  9. Carrie at the prom
  10. Smoking a lady cigar 
  11. Arts & Crafts week at panty camp

Do you know any more? which one do you think is the strangest?

Keep Smiling


  1. Paging Edward Cullen and The tomato soup is on the boil are my favourites haha!

    Beth x


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