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Talent of the month - Rebecca Hodge ~ Sketchbooking

Putting a face to the name
Rebecca Hodge

March 2015 - Talent of the Month

Name    - Rebecca Hodge
Age     - 19
Talent  - Sketchbooking
Blog    -
Twitter - @teatatoostat

1-      What got you interested in sketch booking?
During my A levels I started making Sketchbooks in order to present my work. Taking a physical book that relates to the topic I was working on, gluing pages together and working into them. I looked at various artists such as the textile artist Rosalind Wyatt who embroiders script and a lot of typography from The Typography Sketchbook. Also, when I went on Art Trips to Madrid or Paris I collected postcards from every Museum and Gallery I went to, as well as making studies and needed somewhere to keep them.
2-      Who’s your inspiration in the art world?
Strong contemporary female artists such as Tracey Emin or Polly Morgan inspire me. I like the way in which Emin reclaims the female domestic craft of quilting to present modern messages. Also, the Victorian photographer Julia Margaret Cameron is inspirational. Not only because of her work, but the world she inhabited, amongst other inspirational people such as Rossetti, Millais or even Lewis Carroll.
3-      What are you studying?
2nd Year Costume and Performance Design
4-      What’s your favourite sketchbook page you’ve made?




5-      If you weren’t doing costume design/making what would you be doing?
Art History. I once did an Art History competition called Articulation where I did a 10 minute talk on the painting The Last of England by Ford Maddox Brown. I enjoy listening to Art History podcasts and visiting galleries, and I potentially would have loved to have worked in a gallery or museum.
6-      What are your hopes for your future, career wise?
In the future I would love to design costumes for a theatre adaption of a novel by John Irving or something written by Raymond Carver.
7-      What’s your biggest fashion faux pas ?

When I was 12 and away at school I started being in charge of buying my own clothes for the first time, no longer wearing 3/4 length jeans or tops with sexy cats on from Q&S I decided to buy a pair of blue and white pin striped denim shorts dungarees from H&M, they were hideous, and no amount of figuring out how many buckles to have done up or adjustment of straps could make them go with anything, especially not ballet flats.
8-      What’s your go to item in your wardrobe?

I wear a lot of strappy dresses, this is a particular favourite of mine, from H&M. It's usually worn with black tights, my orange desert boots from ASOS and a black cardigan with gold glittery bits that I got from Ebay.

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