Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Personal Planner*

I am so excited to introduce you to an amazing site called, they very excitingly contacted me and gave me the opportunity to make my own personalised planner and I jumped at the chance. I love writing things down, you could give me all the gadgets in the world (feel free to - if you feel that way inclined) but I will still reach for a pen and journal to make lists/jot down notes. There is something comforting about having my thoughts/plans and arrangements written down in front of me on a hard copy, yes I could loose it but I know it won't crash, take ages to turn to the next page or make it difficult for me to change what I've written quickly, so this planner was needed for me!

 Personal Planner 'Medium' - £17.95 (+£2.95p&p)* DIRECT LINK

So first up you can choose to make a personal planner, wall planner or notebook. If you go for a personal planner like I did there are 4 sizes to choose from, this one is the medium size which is 16cm/14cm and it really is the perfect size as there's tons of room to write. Now it's the fun part - you begin by designing your front and back cover - you can have a plain colour, pattern, picture and text. This is also the time to choose what month and year you want the diary to start and end at, I went for Aug 2014 - Aug 2015. You also get to choose the colour of the elastic which closes the planner and the ruler which is inside which doubles as a bookmark.

There is also an owners info page where you  can write your details on the bottom left hand corner in case you misplace your diary.

You have complete control on how the pages of your planner looks, so you can choose if you want your days of the week horizontal or vertical, if you want smaller spaces for the weekends, if you want lines printed in etc. On the bottom of the pages you can also pick what extra boxes you want I went for 'to do this week', 'list of the week' and 'idea of the week'.

Then I chose the back pages of the planner to be an overview of 2015 and pages of lined paper so I'll be able to write any notes I may want to take and see how the next year falls on a calendar.
I am so excited to be able to start writing in this planner, it's so convenient so fit into my handbag and also has enough space to write my university work into. Let me know if you're going to get one/made one :)


  1. I love how you designed your diary!
    I've heard about this site before I just didn't know much about it, I'm in serious need of a diary soon for note making I may have to look into purchasing one of these :)

    -sarah xo

  2. oooh what a great idea! These look lovely! My best mate would love one of these, I might have to order her one her birthday


  3. I've wanted to order one of these for so long! I love how you can personalise every little detail, so good for an organisational freak like me! :P xx

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