Sunday, 7 September 2014

Surprise Afternoon Tea at Fortnum and Mason

I stayed with my grandparents for a night last week and I had been told to pack something pretty to wear for a surprise that would be occurring. I am not one for surprises so tried my hardest to find out exactly what this surprise was but had zero luck, so I decided to dress for the rainy weather forecast with comfortable shoes in case it involved walking, but at the same time make it pretty!
 We didn't get in to Oxford Street until 12ish and we popped into Pret for lunch, so having a 'nice' lunch was off the menu as being a candidate for my surprise. Next we began to walk up Oxford Street, so I thought maybe we were going shopping/ doing a Topshop personal shopping experience, as we'd done that before, but we turned right onto Regents Street, so that too hadn't made it as the winner. I considered the theatre but knew we wouldn't make in time for a matinee performance and the 6.30pm home time my mummy had been told would be too early if we were going to an evening performance.
We ended up walking through Burlington Arcade and onto Fortnum and Mason as my Buba wanted to buy some tea and I had my mummy's birthday gift to buy. We then looked at their Christmas Shop and we went up another flight of stairs as I believed my Grandad wanted to look at men's, and then another flight of stairs to be greeted with a man playing the piano and the clatter of tea cups meeting saucers. I guessed we had made a mistake and were going to go back downstairs, until my Buba let the lady know of our reservation and we were sat waiting for our table to be ready. I really couldn't believe this was my surprise, as this was something I've always wanted to do and kind of came to the conclusion I wouldn't be doing anytime soon, it was definitely the best surprise I could think of - now my standards of afternoon tea are set very high, the next place can really only be Claridges.

There are three teas to choose from, we got two afternoon and one savoury


Forever 21 Jumper
Topshop black skirt
Primark black tights
House of Holland shoes
It was such a lovely afternoon - the food was really delicious! If you have the chance then I'd definitely recommend going there for tea.

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