Sunday, 27 July 2014

Midsummer House - A 7 course meal for one please....

A couple of weeks ago we popped to Cambridge to visit my brother for the last time whilst he is a student at Cambridge University, he has now come to the end of his 3 year degree which was in psychology, politics and sociology. We celebrated this amazing achievement by going to the 2 Star Michelin restaurant Midsummer House, run by Daniel Clifford, which is actually situated in a park and the building used to be a house.

Denim Jacket- Topshop
Dress- Zara
Pink Satchel - Cambridge Satchel Company

There are three taster menus to choose from, 5 course which I believe is only available during the week, then a 7 or 10 course meal. We all decided upon the 7 course meal and they were very good about swapping a few of the dishes for our dietary requirements.

Here are just some of the dishes we were served, although we chose the 7 course menu we were given three appetizers, a Bloody Mary sorbet and bread before we began our set menu! It was a really lovely experience trying all of the delicious food that I'd normally be too scared to try and I do now feel like I qualify to judge on Master Chef as I truly understand how a 'cuddle on a plate' feels. A lot of the herbs used were grown in their garden and you could see the chefs going outside to pick them. If you're sat in the conservatory you can also see into the kitchen, there were a few seats inside the house and a lounge area upstairs, as well as a small function room. If you do go be sure to visit the facilities as the pictures in them are ermm interesting....

The waiter playing peek'a'boo


Before pudding you could have an optional course of cheese and crackers, which my brother and daddy enjoyed. They bought a huge trolley filled with different cheeses along to pick from and it was very hard to remember which were which, but they advised on which to try and the order to eat them. After pudding we had a hot drink, I opted for fresh mint tea, and then these almost dohnut things, I forgot the name! They were warm and coated in sugar and so delicious when dipped into the apple sauce...

And it's not over until the fat lady sings... that was me after we got to choose a couple of chocolates from the Midsummer House chocolate box, again this was another difficult decision for all of us (you can tell by the look on my brothers face in the above picture)! We were all interested by the baileys truffle and I also chose the walnut milk chocolate. When it was time to go they gave me and mummy a little box with two more chocolates inside :)
It was such a lovely lunch and a wonderful day, it's a shame we can't use Daniel as an excuse to go back there!


  1. Yummy the pictures have me salivating this looks like a lovely restaurant. A perfect place to celebrating a three year degree Lucy

  2. Lovely post! The food looks so yummy!

    Emma x


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