Sunday, 1 June 2014

What I got for my 19th Birthday

On Monday 26th May I turned 19, I celebrated on the 24th with a few friends and although my birthday was on Bank Holiday Monday I actually had to get on with some sewing as my hand in for University was the next day! I had a lazy morning and opened my gifts with my mummy on face time, had a picnic lunch with a few of my housemates and after one round of a game I got given, and you'll see below, I got on with working! I had a fabulous time celebrating my birthday but it definitely went way too fast....
I thought I'd share with you some of the gifts I received this year, this post is no way meant to come across as me bragging, I know it's one that I love to read and I am sure a lot of you like to have a bit of a nose! I am extremely grateful for all my presents, and if they are not photographed below it's simply because they were too difficult to photograph, such as my amazing moustache mirror, or I was too excited to wait and quickly opened it and have been busy using it!

This was definitely my most exciting gift, I've seen this Pride and Prejudice game on Pinterest but it was so hard to track down so thought I'd never get it! I played it straight away, you are in charge of two characters and the aim is to go around the board collecting coins and skills before being able to go to church and get your two characters married. Along the way there are chance cards in the form of Regency life cards where things such as ruining your dress can happen so you have to go back home to change and Novel cards which are questions about Pride and Prejudice.

Getting my ballet on with a ballet workout DVD which is a ridiculous amount of fun and this fabulous book by Misty Copeland who is the only African American soloist dancing for the American Ballet Theatre, I've just begun reading this and its really interesting an enjoyable.

This little beauty is something I actually looked at with my parents, I was then rushed out of the shop whilst my daddy 'went to use the facilities' and in fact he bought this! I love it so much, the colours are so beautiful and it's the thin width so fits my tiny wrist perfectly. I am going to try my upmost hardest to keep it clean!

My good friend Niamh came to visit me for my birthday and we went clubbing which was so much fun! She very kindly bought me this beautiful leather notebook and eraser holder in my new favourite colour!

I love these moustache tattoos and the names they called them and this funny lunchbox from my favourite stationary brand Happy Jackson!

Another wonderful friend bought me this beautiful silver daisy necklace, I've actually seen this myself and debated whether or not to buy it so I am so pleased that I now have it! It's so delicate and lovely as an everyday necklace.

My best friend bought me a bunch of really lovely gifts, as well as paying for my entrance into the club, and this Motex embossing label making machine is one of my favourite ones she got me! I love labelling things and using things like this to stick into cards. This is like having a mini type writer and it's really fun to use, I just have to keep thinking of things I can type now haha

My brother got me a Pride and Prejudice book (my parents also bought me some) and this really cool notebook, It's perfect and I can't wait to use it!

My best friend also bought me this set of 100 postcards from the desk of Jane Austen and each has a different quote and design. They are a lot of fun to read through and a lot of them are very witty so I look forward to sending them and putting some out on display!
As you can see there is a strong Pride and Prejudice theme through my gifts haha - I am still obsessed with that incredible book and Jane Austen! Thank you to everyone who bought me anything/sent me cards/sent me birthday wishes!


  1. What a great birthday lovely presents Lucy

  2. Happy belated birthday! I hope you enjoyed it very much. You received lots of amazing gifts. I'm in love with the blue leather notebook your friend gave you, it's so cute and adorable; I want one. Lol. And I never knew there was such a thing as eraser holders. Lol.

    peace, vibe, soul + annabelle

    1. Hey, Yes I got some lovely things :) a lot of artists use them apparently, I've done a bit of research into them after receiving one :)


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