Sunday, 9 March 2014

Magazine Series #3 - 'Make-up Artist'

Back again with another magazine to entice you! Here is one for you make-up lovers, but not only make-up to accentuate the positive but also the prosthetic kind to age you, ugly'fy' you and change you into another person, and sometimes even a creature. This issue of 'Make-Up Artist' is from February/March and costs £4.

This magazine includes lots of articles about films and the make up designs which help bring the characters to life. I always feel when films are reviews the actors are discussed at great length, if you're lucky the costume will get a line, along with filming but even rarer than that will the make up be mentioned. I have incredibly little knowledge about make-up in film and I don't know any of the tricks of the trade so I found this really interesting, I really enjoyed learning how they age people!

If you're actually considering going into the make-up industry then this magazine, in particular this issue, will be of great interest to you as it has a lot of information about make up artists in the industry and interviews from them giving advice about how to go about getting into this competitive industry.
So I'd recommend this to make-up, theatre, film and costume fanatics, it's a lovely magazine to flip through as well as one to learn from :)

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