Monday, 17 March 2014

A Jane Austen Addiction - The Action Figure

Hello everyone I am Sophie Pearl and I am a #janeite - Round two *Ding Ding Ding*, if you'd like to see the first of this Jane Austen series click HERE.

My childhood was filled with dolls and after bravely giving quite a few to the charity shops and tucking my favourite ones into the loft a good few years ago I now seem to be going backwards as I've bought an action figure! I came across this incredible action figure of Jane Austen by pure chance, I was working in the charity shop a few months ago and I saw this out of the corner of my eye on the shelf opposite the till. I couldn't actually see what doll it was I just thought it looked rather lovely and when I finished my shift I had a closer look and dilliddyybumblebees it was only a Jane Austen doll and for £1.99 I couldn't resist. As soon as I got home I was straight onto the internet doing some research about these dolls and seeing what other ones were out there and some genius has made smaller figures of all of the characters of Pride and Prejudice!

Green Jane Austen Action Figure - £12ish Ebay - DIRECT LINK
Pink Jane Austen Action Figure £13 - DIRECT LINK

I was ready to tear the packaging open to get to my wonderful doll but then I decided my Mummy informed me that it's probably best to keep it how it is. It is a shame to leave poor Janey suffocating but she is being kept company by her writing desk and quill pen so maybe another novel is on the way :)

Now the same brand that made those wonderful Jane Austen tattoos from the post before has made a pink Jane Austen Action Figure, I personally can't imagine Janey in a pink dress but again this is just aiming a toy at a modern audience, and yes I want it!!!

See you next time for round three :)

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