Sunday, 2 March 2014

Magazine Series #2 - 'LOVE'

Up next in my magazine series is LOVE, if you'd like to see the first post click HERE. To be honest the only reason I was drawn to this magazine was because of the cover, which I guess is the marketing tool magazines use to get us to buy them anyway! but the point I am magically failing at making is that I had not heard of this magazine before, nor did I know what was inside. This magazine is seasonal and this is the Spring/Summer 2014 issue and cost £6, quite a hefty price to spend on a magazine but this one is huuuggeeee and I've finally found one which has more content than adverts which is wonderful, it's definitely one that you keep and to be honest this cover is frame worthy!


So yep you guessed it there is an interview from Miley Cyrus inside, unlike most gossip magazines interviews this one is really truthful with the journalist even saying he 'wasn't sure about Miley'. I love the writing style and the images, they are extremely minimalistic and they make a change from the normal approach of glamourizing the celebrities, they are shot by David Sims.

All the images are of a really good quality and they are fun and not what you'd usually expect from a high end fashion magazine, I'd probably put this magazine into a high end fashion/quirky art category. It introduces a lot of new names in the modelling and acting world as well as using interesting spaces to shoot high end fashion, such as exhibitions. I also really like how this issue has a theme of Fantasy and everything mirrors this, I am guessing that every season follows a different theme?
Again, another good read and I recommend this to anyone into fashion and art, it's a great coffee table book and something you can flip through and read the different articles and interviews when you feel like it.


  1. Looks like a good read. A lot of mags are samey so nice to see something different available.

    1. Yes it is a really good read :) I agree, they all seem to show exactly the same thing and with the same pictures


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