Thursday, 27 February 2014

Coffee time.......

Coffee shops must make an absolute fortune, you have a few hours to kill so pop in for a drink at Star'costs'bucks and get a drink that to be honest you don't really want. You're tired in the morning so nip into Ne'arlygotmymoney'ro to grab your caffeine fix for the day, which you could have made at home and brought with, then it's time to meet a friend, how about popping to Costa'lota' for a catch up. Well I've definitely found that it's an extremely expensive way to spend the day so it was time to find a coffee that is as just as yummy but for a fraction of the price.

 Le Creuset 350ml mug - £13 - DIRECT LINK

Firstly I think having a nice mug makes any drink taste nice! I love this ombre pink mug from Le Creuset, of course if you're taking this drink out with you as dapper as you'd look on the train the risk of spilling it all over you is too high, so invest in a flask of some sort!

 Nescafe 8 sachets - £2.98 - DIRECT LINK

I decided upon the Nescafe sachets, they have a huge selection of different flavours, I have only tried cappuccino and double choca mocha and I have to say they are both very delicious! I think I need to be brave and try a few more flavours though - do you recommend any? They are also really god value for money as you're getting 8 drinks for the similar price as 1 in a popular coffee chain.

So it is instant coffee so you just pour the contents of the sachet into your mug and then add boiling water. Then it's all about how well you stir it! - It advises you to stir it one direction for about 20 seconds and then wait and then repeat, this is a must or by the time you've let it cool down the powder would have either gone into yucky lumps or just settled at the bottom of the cup making the drink tasteless. If you do this right then it shall taste delicious and you too shall be converted to a Nescafe coffee!

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