Monday, 24 February 2014

A Jane Austen Addiction - Temporary Tattoos

I am sure most of you are aware of my obsession with Jane Austen, I think it's actually become an addiction, #Janeite Anonymous here I come.......... I get so excited by everything that vaguely revolves around the theme of Pride and Prejudice and Jane Austen herself, and have now got my fair share of random things reminding me of the world I wish I was born into! More recently they've begun to introduce quite a few products which are aimed at enticing a modern world into Mr Darcy's world, and I quite literally jumped at the chance of getting them all! So firstly is this ridiculously amazing temporary tattoos set.....
UNITED KINGDOM Jane Austen Temporary Tattoo £7 -DIRECT LINK
 AMERICA Jane Austen Temporary Tattoo $7 - DIRECT LINK
The tin is so pretty with Pemberley as the background and a modern Jane in a hot pink dress at the front. It's definitely a tin worthy of keeping, I am just not sure what to put in it as it's very slim - any ideas?

Inside are 4 sheets of different designs, there are a few that I'd like two of so I could have it again and some I am staying away from! Hopefully they will realise how popular these are and then do different sets for each of her six novels.
On the back of the sheets are instructions explaining exactly how to put these little beauties onto your skin!

Choosing which one to do first was a really hard decision but I knew it would be Mr Darcy themed, I decided on this top hat with Mr Darcy and I actually love it! If I was being really picky then I'd have made the top hat a lot smaller and just rested on the 'D' at a slant. They are really easy to put on, so do follow the instructions and be patient about waiting that 30 seconds (at least) as otherwise it will just tear when you take the paper away. Also just to mention I have reallllyyyy sensitive skin and these haven't affected me in any way.
I do wonder how Janey (yep I am on first name terms and nicknames with her) would feel about this! All she ever wanted was the freedom to put her name on the novels but knew if she did the stories would not have been taken seriously. If you were wondering, it was her brother that eventually made sure all six of her books were published with her name. I don't think she would have ever expected to have such a loyal fan base fake tattooing characters from her novels onto their arms!
I hope you enjoyed this post as I will be doing a lot more about my different Jane Austen goodies in the future :)


  1. How unique, these are so lovely! Never heard of anything like this before so thank you for sharing! xx

  2. These are brilliant! Especially the Mr Darcy one! Xx

    1. I love them too, cant decide what to do next

  3. How funny! I think Jane was ahead of her time and this would make her smile.

  4. I think I have found my Austen Obsession twin lol Everything you said I was like yep I am exactly like that. This is actually so cool and I am thinking about ordering some, I wonder if they ship to Canada.


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