Friday, 14 February 2014

Happy Valentines day - My love story........

With all of your lovey dovey blog posts arriving on my newsfeed I couldn't help but feel a smidge left out of this romantic time, so today I am going to share with you my love story, perhaps one that all of us will be able to connect to.


It began at the tender age of 10 when along with my first email address, which went something along the lines of ilovemermaidsxoxopink, I was introduced to the world of MSN. MSN and me were pretty close, every night after school without fail I signed on to chat to the people I spent all day with, as at the age of 10 I didn't know anyone outside of school! We discussed our day, which we spent together, our lunch, which we ate together and the homework which we were both meant to be doing. And no conversation would have been complete without a spew of emoticon faces. It was the time that status were being introduced, I could let the world know what I was doing and when I'd 'brb'.

Soon myself and MSN were being torn apart by Myspace, it was amazing, I could now connect with music and upload pictures. I spent ages decorating my profile page, choosing my background image was the most important choice I had to make and it was one that was often changed. Although when Myspace got me into trouble in an ICT class when I went onto a friends page and they had decided to have music automatically playing, we broke up.

Facebook was there for me, at first definitely a re-bound but then showed me how much I needed it in my life. This was where all of the cool kids were at, I was suddenly becoming popular and becoming extremely good at stalking. I could even use Facebook chat whilst reminiscing about the good old days with MSN.

Whilst Facebook and myself are still going strong I guess you could say we decided to have a more casual relationship as soon Twitter took my interest. At first I was baffled by the concept, how was I going to say how I was feeling or what I was doing in 140 characters or less? After a few days of telling the world my every move I was hooked. In this time I'd also joined the hype of the Blackberry, along with every other teenager I knew I had my 8520 curve stuck to my hand like a tattoo. BBM was taking the world by storm and I really felt like without it my life wouldn't function, I can't even explain the excitement when it updated and we could do group messages.

I then joined the world of blogging, blogspot and me have gone through good and bad together, the struggles of when technology let's you down and the internet connection is limited and the highs of when I get great reactions to a post and new followers. I couldn't imagine sharing my blogging life with any'software'body else.

So this valentines day I want to say hey to my new loves Instagram, Snapchat and Pintrest. Gone are the days of long winded statutes and indirectly getting angry with people through cleverly chosen song lyrics, now it's all about the selfie and photographing everything around you that takes your fancy and more than ever has #hashtagging come into it's own. Though there's always that special one that just gets stuck in the friend zone, the one you want around all of the time, yes I am talking about you Wi-Fi......


  1. such a witty post- loved it! RR xx

    1. Thanks!!!! I am so pleased you spent the time to read the entire thing, as it is quite long

  2. Ahh Sophie, this made me chuckle ;P


  3. Haha, great post! :)


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