Sunday, 19 January 2014

A Jane Austen day in Knightsbridge

I had the most splendidio outing, I went to see the 7441st blue plaque which is dedicated to the one and only Jane Austen! Yes thought you'd be excited about this too, and this trip was no accident, this was a result of me googling 'Jane Austen things to see in London' and this was the first thing I chose to tick off my list.
So I hopped off the train at Knightsbridge train station (the Brompton Rd side if you're wanting to make this journey) and I carried on walking straight towards Hans Crescent, realising that then I had no clue where to go I asked (well my grandparents asked because I am a chicken) the door man at Harrods where Hans Place was and as we followed their correct directions of 'turn right after Harrods, then turn left after Café Rouge into Hans Road and Hans Place is at the end' we were there in no time!
This was exciting as we were so close to Hans Place, I probably just did the walk Jane Austen did herself.
Okay the hyperventilating in true Mrs Bennet style began.
So when you get to Hans Place there's a roundabout in the middle and you have a 50/50 chance of taking a left or a right and one route will inevitably (if you don't think of the Brad Pitt Chanel advert you're strange :p) be quicker. I chose left, I'd advise you to go right........ So the house on the end, number 23, is where Jane Austen stayed with her brother.
I am absolutely certain that Jane Austen would have stood by these railings contemplating how well 'Pride and Prejudice' was doing. This was the year that 'Mansfield Park' was published and I am guessing that was why she was in London. Ooo so it's 'Mansfield Park' 200th anniversary this year, I wonder if it will be recognised like 'Pride and Prejudice' was.
My casual attempt to break into number 23........
Oh and some exciting news, number 23 is now split into flats and I now have somewhere to aspire to live in.
Jane Austen's view was rather splendid with a park.
 Goodbye Hans Place, it was nice visiting.
If you're interested in visiting this plaque here's the address for your Sat Nav
23 Hans Place


  1. That's so cool! I'm going to beg my parents to take me there the next time I'm in London. Haha :) x

    1. Definitely somewhere to visit and make sure you tell them how near Harrods is if you need a little help with making them want to go too! My grandparents thought I was mad wanting to go to see a plaque!

  2. I love the floral headband! Sounds like you had a great day x

    1. Thank you very much! I can't believe how huge it is, it didn't feel that big! I got asked if I was going to be Bridesmaid when I wore it hehehe

  3. Your blog is charming and I love Jane Austen too! I grew up feeling I was a mix of Elizabeth Bennett and Marianne Dashwood.... : /

    Louisa @ My Family & Abruzzo

    1. Thank you very much Lulu that's a lovely comment to get :) yahhhh a fellow Janeite! We have to stick together hahah. I like to think I am Elizabeth Bennett

  4. this looks like so much fun! hope you had a great time and your floral headband is superb!

    RR xx


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