Friday, 17 January 2014

Leather Handbag brand - Introducing Vanilla Paris*

From one shopaholic to another I believe it's my calling to tell you about a stunning leather handbag company called Vanilla Paris that I have very recently been introduced to. Although it's new for me it's very much a known brand in the fashion industry and you're probably aware of their bags as they have braced the pages of magazines thanks to their popularity with celebrities, such as Kate Moss and Sienna Miller.
If you're a Made in Chelsea fan than you may be aware of their shop which is situated on the Kings Road and if you're a Made in Chelsea wannabe, then this is probably your best bet to create their effortless chic look. Do not fear if you can't make it to their  shop as you can lust over their stunning designs on their website and then pop your favourite in to your virtual basket, use that magic plastic card you're sure to have and then have it delivered to wherever you are in the world.

Their bags are stunning and they are hot on the heels of designers, keeping up with the 'in' styles, shapes and colours but offering them at a reasonable price so more of us can have that 'it girl' bag. They are incredibly well made as they're manufactured in Paris by a company that sources the best leather from around the world. Although they are keeping up with the 'in' style they are far from trying to be dupes as they are fantastically made and have their own aura about them. Vanilla Paris came about when Alex's wife was desperate for an expensive designer bag and he bet that he would find her one that was a lot more affordable and she was sure to prefer. After an exhausting search he learnt of this gap in the market and he and Rachel decided to create their own brand. As well as handbags they have a range of gilets, jackets and purses.
Make sure to check out their products, also take  look at the names of the bags they very excitingly have a range called Sophie! Let me know which are your favourite.

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