Monday, 11 November 2013

NUS Extra Discount Card

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I've always been a savvy shopper and I am fixated on finding a bargain. I love the chaos of sales and the thrill of finding something in my size, that I love, and is highly discounted. Take me to TKMAX and I am in my element, I scour the shelves until something pops out at me and bam, it's mine. Becoming a student, deals are targeted at me everywhere I look, this does slightly take the fun of it away, but I am not going to say no to a discount. Hence why I got myself a NUS Extra card.

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So what is this magical card? Created by the National Union of Students it's the card of discounts and deals. You could find yourself getting 40% off your meal in Pizza Express one day, treating yourself to 10% off at Asos another, or jetting off on holiday. There are over 180* discounts and they cover a wide range of categories, including fashion, food, drink, music, holidays, technology and insurance. They are continuously getting new discounts, a great way to check out what they are is to download the free Iphone/Andriod app. And just do what I do, ask everywhere you go if they take student discount.

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12 Month card - £12
2 Year Card   - £24
3 Year Card   - £32

Now a lot of my friends have said, 'I don't need a card, I can just show my college card', but a lot of places are becoming stricter about giving student discount and are only taking NUS cards in stores. And if you're one for buying online from places such as Amazon then this is the only way to get your discount. On the front of every card is a long number, this number is unique and once used on a website, it will not be accepted from anyone else.
So go ahead and buy your NUS Extra card and start saving ! Click HERE to get to the buying page. Let me know how you've used your card most and if you think it's worth it.
*number of discount is always changing

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