Friday, 8 November 2013

Movember moustache OOTD #1

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I haven't done an outfit of the day post for a long time, so thought it was about time that I shared one of my looks with you! I love this outfit and it's my 'go to' smart casual outfit, so If I am not sure of a dress code I go for this as it can pass as both :)

*couldn't resist a jumping shot :/ I was just so excited to do this post for you!

Chiffon top - Primark. Everyone always thinks it's a really expensive top and I've been asked if it's Prada as that's where the print was copied inspired from. That's what I love about Primark, if you wear a few pieces from there with other brands, you can make them look expensive. Underneath I am wearing a Navy vest.
Jacket - Desigual. I love this jacket, It's so easy to wear because of the patchwork effect and I wear a lot of blue.
Moustache Shoes - Zara. I felt this outfit needed a pop of colour and something fun and quirky to go with the print of the top and these shoes are perfect. Perfect to look at, they have given me a lot of blisters.
Skinny jeans - H! by Henry Holland. This range by Henry Holland is aimed at teenagers to mid-twenties and has some really lovely pieces. Their trousers are particularly nice and fit so well. They are quite expensive, so I normally buy them in the sale when they're reduced to £10-£15 and my size is always left :)

That Prada Number ^

I hope you like my outfit, make sure to link me to any 'movember' posts you've done as I do have a thing for moustache !

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