Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Free Nails Inc nail polish in Glamour

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I love a good freebie and I am always scanning the magazines to see what they are giving away. They always seem to go through a period of a lot of them giving away great gifts and then for a few months it will be random things which are normally non-branded or have the magazines name on them. For the December issues there are some great freebies, the first being Nails Inc polish in Glamour magazine. Nails Inc is my absolute favourite nail polish brand. They are pretty pricey so I am always on the look out for when they appear in magazines. This magazine only cost £2, whilst the polish normally costs £11-£13. There are four shades available, the two I didn't buy are black and red.


The four colours have been designed by Kate Spade, which makes them automatically more fashionable.

I decided to pick up the two metallic colours as I don't have either of these shades in my nail polish collection. The silver is called 'Soho Silver' and  the copper/gold is called 'Uptown Glamour'. They are perfect for the holiday season. I also think metallic colours can look quite grown up, especially the copper coloured one.

Inside the magazine there are also some great Christmas nail art designs and some of the polishes which are included as the free gift are included in the designs.
Let me know which colours you picked up :)


  1. I definitely agree with the magazines having all the same goodies in one month... My ELLE magazine this month got delivered with a mini Benefit lipgloss! My only nails inc polish came from glamour magazine, but it is one of my all time favourite nail polishes! This is definitely a deal not to be missed, I look a plain black nail so I'll probably end up searching that one out :) Thanks for the heads up! Rachel xx


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