Saturday, 2 November 2013

My Ultimate bedroom furniture wishlist

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I haven't had my room decorated since forever and I think I have out grown it just a tad. I am always moving things around to make it feel different and look a bit different. Even sometimes sleeping the wrong end of the bed so I have a different view of my room! (maybe not grown up that much then) For ages I've wanted to change it up a bit and when looking through my saved pictures I came across screen shots of some furniture that I've wanted for ages from Ikea, and thought I'd share them with you!
The problem with my room is that I've acquired a lot of junk, most of the furniture in my room has been a hand-me-down from when other people change up their rooms so nothing matches. It really annoys me that everything is so messy looking and how my furniture is all different colours. I'd like to feel more proud of my room and keep it looking nice. I am also in desperate need of having more storage for my art things and my ever growing collection of books! So here is my bedroom furniture wish list, I am so excited by this furniture that I've actually already decided what I'd get rid of and where it will go in my room. Mummy and Daddy and any other relations, if you're reading this, I am keeping my fingers crossed..... hehehe cheeky!
So firstly, the item I am most excited about is this corner bookshelf and storage unit. This is so sleek and would make a huge difference to my child's size bookshelf! I can already imagine all of the books neatly lined up, then the shelves behind the glass are fantastic for storing everything from more books and games to bric and brac and art things. DIRECT LINK
This desk is perfect, I love that there is a lot of storage room underneath to fit a set of small draws and to slide my sewing machine under. I also really like the shelves on top to put all my stationary etc. The back section is a white board which is incredibly useful. Although I am arty I don't particularly need a huge desk and I think this will create a lovely environment to work and blog at. Again I love corner furniture. DIRECT LINK
This set of draws is probably familiar to most of you as it's been floating around the bloasphere for a while. I just love it as I think it's great to store all my girly things e.g. hair and make up bits. As well as all of my electrical devices as I don't like having them all out. DIRECT LINK
Last but not least is this beauty, which is a shoes holder. It's very sleek and slim and each draw pulls out to reveal two sections inside and holds a lot of shoes. DIRECT LINK



This range that I've also found on Ikea seems to be priced quite well and I love these three things from it. I currently do not have a bedside table, in fact it's two bits of a wooden box slotted next to each other!  This would do perfectly and would give me even more storage! DIRECT LINK At the moment I have two wardrobes but I really don't need them I'd be much better off having some draws, obviously not both of the above but either, one with 3 draws DIRECT LINK or one with 4 draws DIRECT LINK.

So as I said above these things really excite me as I've worked out exactly where they could go and they'd just make me feel more grown up and proud of my room. They are quite expensive, if I was to get all of the above it would come to just over £600) but I think they are very versatile and could easily move with me as I move.

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