Friday, 4 October 2013

My Kipling backpack*

I've never been more excited to write a post than right now, recently Bagable offered me the opportunity to review a Kipling bag and I jumped at the chance! My mum loves Kipling and has acquired many bags and I am 100% guilty of borrowing most of them. I've longed for a Kipling of my own but was yet to have found my perfect bag, until now that is. Followers I'd like to introduce you to my newly favourite bag, Talma backpack.


Kipling Talma Backpack - £49.50*   - DIRECT LINK

A backpack, I can hear you mutter, well yes I went for a backpack ! I've just begun University, as most of you probably know, and a backpack is a must have. It makes it so much easier to carry everything. Although finding a cute one was really difficult, I didn't want a sport rucksack or a massive computer bag. Just something practical, pretty and strong. And this Talma backpack ticks all of those boxes.

The bright orange monkey happily hanging on my bag, goes by the name of Taylor. For those of you that aren't familiar with Kipling products they come with a monkey which have their name sewn on. I absolutely love this detail and it's so much fun going through the bags and reading all the names. Does anyone know if there is a Sophie? Ooo and you can also buy the monkeys separately, which makes a lovely addition to your keys ! Check them out HERE.


The pattern I went for is called 'Safari Print', I love colourful backpacks. Especially when they're being used for school/college as they make me feel really cheerful on early mornings :) Also I am never going to have to worry about my bag not matching my outfit as it has so many amazing colours in it. In fact I think this bag is going to make my outfit. If you're into busy patterns then do not fear as all of Kipling's bags come in a variety of patterns or block colours.


Now here's what makes Kipling so amazing, all of the compartments and hidden away pockets. I love having outside pockets on bags so slip things I take out a lot in. This backpack has a concealed front zipped pocket and a pocket on the back which is also zipped. These two are great for putting in my phone/oyster card/ tissues etc. Then on both sides there are two open pockets which are the perfect size for a water bottle and umbrella. The main opening on the bag can also be shut with the draw string and then the flap over which has Velcro. Making this bag really secure, which is a must for a bag on your back !

Inside the bag there is a small zipped section as the back and then a few pen holders and a phone holder on the front. Finally there's also a key chain attached inside which is great to attach your keys to as you'll never lose them! And for when you're jut grabbing your bag in between classes there's a handle on the top - they've really thought of everything !

I am so excited by this bag and I love using it! It's just so practical with all of the compartments and with the fact that it's washable too. Go ahead and check out Bagables website HERE or to view Kipling product directly click HERE and let me know which is your favourite. They do sell a range of brands and bags so have a look through ! I will have to do a what's inside my University bag next......


  1. I absolutely love the bag! Now I'm proud I am from Antwerp where Kipling is also from :)
    I had a monkey named Sophie once,but it was a long time ago. x

  2. Yes same :) hahah you should be very proud of that! Oh really, I so want a Sophie monkey


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