Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Beauty | NYX Stay Matte but Not Flat Foundation

To be honest the name of the foundation 'Stay matte but not flat' drew me to this product and as I read more I knew I'd have to give it a go! So let's get on with the review...

So here are the facts-

Water based foundation
Oil Free
Full Coverage
Matte Finish
Mineral Enriched

There are now 30 shades to choose from, which is just ruddy amazing for a drugstore foundation! It's so brilliant that there is actually a choice of pale shades to choose from, so I could choose the one that actually matches my skin, rather than having to wear the only pale option and looking like a ghost.

I bought the foundation in creamy natural which is for pale skin with a peach undertone, this is great for me as I have a pink undertone to my skin as I am prone to red blemishes and I blush easily.  I am really impressed with the colour match and I think this would be a great foundation to find your summer tanned shade in as they darken really gradually. I think at my most tanned I'd be warm or medium which are both also designed for pink undertones.

Before using the foundation you need to shake it as it's a water based foundation. It's so light and doesn't feel like you're wearing foundation. It blends really nicely but I wouldn't agree that it has full coverage, I think it's good coverage but if you wearing foundation to cover a lot of blemishes then this probably wouldn't be for you. I have combination skin and like a matte finish and this worked well with my skin, on my oily T-Zone and any dry patches.

Finally,  the packaging is really simple but it works well. It's a good size and a squeeze tube  so it hygienic and easy to use.

I am really impressed with this foundation and I definitely want to try more NYX products. I hope you enjoyed this post!



  1. 30 shades?! That's awesome! Definitely need to have a look at this xx

    1. Yes it's really impressive for a drugstore and inexpensive foundation! I've also heard that L'Oreal True Match is meant to be good but I find it so hard to match myself!


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