Friday, 14 September 2012

DIY ombre petal mirror....

For awhile I have wanted to make this mirror and I finally got round to it :) So in this post I am going to teach you step by step with pictures how to make this unique ombre mirror :)

What you will need;

Mirror - I only found a pack of 3 which I bought in Wilkosens for £6
Spray paint - Wilkosens have a great range of colours for £3.45
plastic spoons - I bought 4 packs and only used 2 and a half from Clas Ohlson - £1.29 each
Already had the foam board,blade,scissors,ruler,pencil and hot glue gun.......

So now you have your equipment ready, lets start;

1) Firstly draw around your mirror on the foam board. Then draw a larger circle around the mirror outline. Remember you can always make it smaller but not bigger !!. Use the blade to cut the foam board to size.

2) Now it's time to start snapping those spoons !! Use scissors to cut them as this would be really painful with your hands !!

3) To stick the spoons on you will need to use a hot glue gun. Stick the mirror on first inside the outline you drew earlier :)

4) When you stick the spoons on they will create a petal effect only if you stick them like above. I don't know what this is called but as you can see I haven't put the next row of spoons directly behind the first.

5) Once you have finished cut a piece of cardboard in the shape of the mirror and stick it over the mirror with masking tape

6) Now it is time to retreat to the back of your garden as it's spray paint time !!. Lay your mirror on newspaper and if you're a messy worker put old clothes on and wear gloves :)

7) Spray one coat of your chosen colour , as the tin says ' it's best to do two thin coats then one thick one as it will drip'.

8) Also make sure you do the cardboard. Then wait around 15 mins before adding your next spray.

9) If you are making it ombre use a darker shade of your chosen colour and spray from the outside in :)


There we are you have finished :) I think you will agree it's such an easy way to make a fun mirror and would make a great present too !

I hope you like it and don't forget to comment xx


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