Monday, 9 July 2012

My Weekend away camping in Essex

This weekend I went away with my Dad to Essex to camp :) We stayed at the Haven Orchard Camp Site. It was a really good weekend and that camp site was the best I have ever been in, so if you're in to camping you should check it out; There was a lot of things to do and when we arrived we were given a huge timetable of activities and evening entertainment.

The Ultimate picture of camping... yum

We have a huge 6 people tent for the 2 of us ! It have 4 seperate rooms and a middle section

The campsite was right by the Seaside :)

On the Site you could book activites to take part in using vouchers and we chose Water Jets ( which you weren't allowed to take pictures at) but bascially if you have seen James Bond it's what he uses and it's like a motor which carries you underwater. Then we booked these carts above which really fun to drive ! and we also booked fencing but due to bad weather we didn't go to it so we saw Spider Man instead which was amazing !

The Site was really near to the beach where we went on the Pier and played Crazy Golf :)

We also went these mini Bumper Cars

It was really hot Friday and Saturday and then Sunday it rained sooooo much....

It was a really great weekend and I enjoyed it all especially the activities :) Next I am off to America and then finally Rhodes :)


  1. I'm not a big camper but it sounds pretty cool when I read your post and check the pics! Great, beautiful location, btw.



    1. Yes it was !! Infancy it wasn't like caning as you could even order food to your tent etc or eat out if you wanted to. The park also had caravans and portable homes which looked great.

  2. Sounded like a fun trip! Where are you going in America?

    1. I am touring the east coast and then I cross the border into Canada to see the Niagra falls and then come back into America. So I startsm and end in new York/ new jersey.

  3. Lovely photos!

    Emma x


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