Wednesday, 27 June 2018

Fashion | 5 Most Worn & Loved Shoes

I wanted to share a little more of my wardrobe on my blog and I thought I'd start that off with one of my most favourite things to buy, which of course is shoes! Here are my  5 most worn pairs of shoes, they're not particularly out there or fancy but they're the shoes that I grab the most!

I always used to wear converse when I was younger and I got back into wearing them at the end of last year. I forgot how easy they are to wear! I do find that I size up in converse as even though I have really narrow feet they rub on the tops of my toes if I get my normal shoe size. These are both the Chuck Taylor High Top converse, the red are canvas and the white ones are leather. I think the pop of red instantly makes your outfit look cool and more put together, so I'm definitely in the market for some more coloured converse!

So when it comes to wearing 'nice shoes' I don't have any pretty shoes which are comfortable to wear so I normally go for these glittery Reebok trainers! They're not very feminine but they're sparkly so I'm happy! If I am wearing a really pretty dress then I'll just wear a flat ballet pump, but they don't offer any support and aren't particularly comfortable.

The other pair of trainers that I regularly wear are my Adidas Superstar trainers with the silver glitter stripes. I spent ages trying to find these after seeing a few people wearing them and after nearly giving up I found them when I went on a random weekend away to Birmingham when I went to Cadbury World. You would have seen these shoes on everyone and their mother but they are comfortable, easy to wear and literally match every outfit!

Then finally I have my most worn boot which to be honest probably isn't even worn that much in the grand scheme of things (or compared to the other 4 shoes) but here are my Mango gold mid-heel boots. I really wanted a pair of low heel ankle boots and was very happy to find these beauties! I wear them mainly with mom jeans, so in quite a casual way. They are really comfortable, although a tiny wide for my thin feet so double socks all the way!

There we are! I hope you enjoyed having a little look at my most worn shoes and are feeling inspired for your next shoe purchase!


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