Sunday, 6 May 2018

Beauty | Eylure Lashes RosieBea Review

One of my favourite parts about makeup is creating fluttery 60's worthy doll like lashes, but I like to do this in the most subtle way possible. For my day-to-day makeup I stick to fibre mascara but every now and then I like to stick on some cheeky lashes.

Savers -  £2.99

I'm a huge fan of Eylure lashes as they offer a huge variety of styles and they always seem to be collaborating with celebs/Youtubers which means they offer lots of new limited edition collections. I loved their collab with RosieBea, she's a Youtuber whom I love to watch as her style is perfection and the lashes she created with Eylure are beautiful! They are fluttery, delicate, subtle and the packaging is so cute!

I apologise for this gross close up picture but I thought including it would be beneficial for you to see the lashes! Here I am wearing the 3/4 length Kitty lashes, as they don't cover the entire lash line they create a natural look whilst adding volume and length to your outer lashes. They were as easy as lashes can be to apply! I think they blended into my own lashes easily and the band was near invisible once stuck to my lash line and I added a thin line of eyeliner.

What do you think of Eylure lashes and what brands/lashes do you use for a subtle look?


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