Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Lifestyle | What's in my Summer Holiday/Vacation Wash Bag

I love to have a little nosy into other peoples bags and there is nothing better than having a cheeky look at friends lotions and potions, So I thought I'd share with you what I'll be packing in my Summer holiday wash bag.  Keep reading until the end for some tips on how to pack the best wash bag for your holiday!

The Sun Protectors

First up is my sun protection and my sun cream of choice is the Nivea Sun Protect & Moisture in 50+. There is a huge misconception about the number on the bottle and that the higher it gets the least likely you are to tan. It's far from the truth, the number on the bottle helps to protect you from UV rays and doesn't limit your tanning! I still tan, even though I don't even sunbathe! I also keep with Nivea for my after sun which helps to keep my skin hydrated. I choose to use a different sun cream on my face as I have very oily and sensitive skin and normal sun cream does tend to make me sweaty and break me out! I was gifted this Ultrasun Face sun cream which is factor 30 and I shall report back via Twitter @sophiepearl421 how I find it!

The Essentials

Of course I pack a toothbrush, normally a new one just for the ease of packing. Then I have a little toothpaste which I received in a goody bag and saved for going away and finally a compressed deodorant so it's a better size for my wash bag.

The Hair 

I am yet to be completely loyal to one brand of shampoo and conditioner so was really happy to receive these travel sized products from OGX from the Glamour Beauty Festival. Coconut isn't a scent I'd normally go for but I think it will be quite nice in the hot weather. They're also a really great size as sometimes the travel sized hair bits can be so tiny, more for one night away. I am also bringing with a hair oil, I use a hair oil on the daily but that's in a huge bottle so this holiday I shall try out this oil by Josh Wood. I received this product in my Marks and Spencer advent calendar and it's a really generous size and will last months! The bottle has a pipette at the top which makes it really easy and kind of fun to use, I've also opened it and had a quick smell and it's a winner so far! I find being in the sun all day and also the chlorine from the swimming pools makes my hair dry and horrible and the oil helps to add moisture and hydration.

The Face & Body

So as you can see I don't really have a strict face/ routine and tend to use as few products as possible, especially when on holiday! I take the St.Ives blemish prone face scrub to use daily, I actually enjoy using this whilst in the shower so I can get it off really well from the power of the shower. I use E45 all the time for any dry patches on my face. I am also packing some Simple makeup wipes to take off eye makeup, I tend to not use them over my entire face as they sometimes irritate my skin and leave it quite red. Then for my body I have Dove deeply nourishing shower gel, which smells calming and is really moisturising. Finally I like to bring with Fairy Dust from Lush, it has a really lovely scent and the powder adds a little bit of shimmer to your skin.

Tips for packing your wash bag.

  1. Categorise your wash bag eg. essentials, sun protection, hair, body etc in order to pack less.
  2. Pack products which can be used in multiple ways.
  3. If travelling in a family/friends see if one of you can bring a toothpaste, another shampoo etc
  4. Use an easy peel tape (washie tape) over all the lids to stop products exploding in your case.
  5. Make sure to pack the tape for when you pack up to travel home!
  6. Save samples from magazines, goody bags etc as they come in so handy!
  7. Don't get sucked into buying all the cute travel sized things as they work out more expensive, just decant your bigger bottles into travel sets. 
  8. Pack pills etc in your carry on bag/hand luggage.
  9. Put your entire wash bag into a plastic bag and then into your suitcase in case of explosions!

I hope you enjoyed having a look into my wash bag and liked my tips for packing a wash bag!


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