Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Beauty / The Body Shop Bronzing Powder Review *Must have Bronzer for pale skin*

My favourite type of post to write is by far a make-up product review, so I am happy to have one for you today! Recently I've been looking really pale and I thought it was about time I jumped on the bronzing bandwagon! I have always been very cautious to pick pale foundations witch match my skin, as well as it can, and then I don't add too much colour on top because of the fear of going orange! I took my time researching online and swatching bronzers in stores before finding the one for me!

LINK - £13.00

I decided to go with The Body Shop Honey bronzing powder. This comes in quite a few shades and I went with the lightest, I think I could have probably also worn the 2nd lightest quite comfortably but I'd rather be safe than sorry! One of the main reasons this bronzer was top of my list was because it's completely matte. I have an oily complexion and therefore I don't like to any extra shine on my forehead. The packaging is incredibly simplistic and almost old-fashioned. I like the size and shape,it's easy to hold and compact enough to slip into my make-up bag. It has a mirror which is always a plus for travelling. Finally on the packaging front, I do really like the Honeycomb shape you can see through the lid. Having a natural and healthy food mixed with a make-up product is actually really appealing as it makes me think that this product is good for my skin and the environment.

The product is just so pretty, I love an embossed design on a pressed powder as it makes it look like a high end product. The colour is just the right shade to make it look like I have a natural and genuine tan. It's a really smooth powder and you don't need a lot of product on the brush to make a difference. I tend to dust this across the high point of my face as that's where the sun would naturally hit.

I'd love to know what you think of this bronzer! Leave me a comment below


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