Sunday, 18 September 2016

Fashion / 10 Dresses you need in your wardrobe ~ Feat/Primark/Topshop/JackWills/Dahlia/Zara

I thought I'd do a round up of the types of dresses I think are needed in any wardrobe, here goes...

1. The T- Shirt Dress

This is as it's called an oversized T-shirt dress, this particular one is from Topshop and has a 60's inspired drop waist. It's so easy to wear for the Summer with bare legs and sandals and in the winter with black tights and Chelsea boots. It's the perfect dress for those too hot days when you can't be bothered to plan a fancy outfit!

2. The Sweatshirt Dress

Once again, the name gives it away! This beauty is another Topshop find and feels like you're wearing your pyjamas, surely you're running out to buy one now?! I like to wear mine with tights, sometimes crazy patterned tights to make it look more like a planned outfit! When it's really cold I also like to wear this with black skinny jeans underneath and Dr Martens. As it's such a neutral shade you can go all out with accessories and layer up the necklaces.

3. The Pinafore

If you have one pinafore in your wardrobe you my friend have a hundred outfits. You can literally wear anything under this, T-shirts, shirts, sweatshirts, shift dresses etc and you get a completely different look. Perhaps try and think outside the box and wear something on top, like an open shirt. This pinafore is from Primark and is my favourite one, it's just the right shade of blue to pass as smart casual and completely casual!

4. The Multi-Functional Dress

Everyone needs an easy to chuck on dress which you can wear to a date, shopping, party or even work. This multi-functional dress is one of the most important in your wardrobe, as it allows you to hop from one arrangement to another always looking on point! You'll also be sure to get your moneys worth, this little jersey number was from Topshop and they seem to bring it out year after year so keep your eyes peeled.

5. The Pretty Summer shenanigans Dress

What on earth will you wear to that Summer BBQ or drinks get together and also get away with wearing to work? How about a pretty little thing like this purple dress from Jack Wills? This style of dress, with buttons on the bodice and then a softly gathered waist and mid thigh length skirt is so easy to slip on and keeps you looking presentable and cool. Also a note to make this particular one doesn't crease at all, so a good choice for taking on holiday.

6. The 'foo la la' Dress

This particular number may not be to everyone's taste but a little part of me has always fancied the idea of being Alice and Wonderland! This dress is fabulous to wear to smarter occasions and also when you're just in the mood to 'go all out'. It has a trendy edge to it due to the pin stripes, ruffles, tucks and not to mention the bow at the back! Seeing as this dress is now 8 years old, from Dahlia, I've definitely got my moneys worth.

7. The Skater Dress

If you're a pear shape, like myself, let me introduce you to your new best friend, the skater dress. This beauty will sit tight on your bodice and waist and then the skirt will stick out slightly, which accentuates your small waist and hides your hips. Zara is great for this shape, although recently a lot of their dresses have a lot of cut outs.

8. The Party Dress

Everyone needs a go to dress that they can wear to a proper party. I am talking about a wedding, ball, big birthday bash. You want to feel special and confident whilst looking presentable. I found this sparkly dress in Primark and it does the trick perfectly. If you choose your party dress to be in a neutral shade, like grey, you'll get away with wearing it for all of the seasons.

9. The Smart Dress

In your wardrobe you need something you could slip into just in case the queen calls you to collect your OBE. This is a known fact and I recommend going to Jack Wills to find something suitable. Whilst you wait for the call this dress can also be worn for formal events, such as religious services and graduation ceremonies.

10. LBD

You all knew it was coming, the LBD. The perfect dress for when you're not overly sure what the dress code is! This smart and glittery dress is from Topshop and is perfect for clubbing, parties and formal events.

I hope this was handy for anyone looking to revamp the dresses in their wardrobe and has given you a few ideas of the types of dresses to get!



  1. I love this post, such a lovely idea! I'm definitely going to have to add a sweatshirt dress to my collection, I definitely need that level of comfort in my life! x

    ellie etc | a personal style & lifestyle blog

    1. Thank you very much for your comment :) I am pleased it's helped you out :) Yes they're great!!!


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