Sunday, 11 September 2016

Beauty / NYX Create my own palette review

For ages I have been on the search for an everyday eyeshadow palette. I wanted some easy to wear and good quality neutral shades and I was struggling to find a palette which fitted in my make up bag and also had shades which I knew I'd wear. NYX is a new edition to the drugstore, Boots, and even more recently they've added a huge variety of eyeshadows and empty palettes, so you can make your own! This is exactly what I was looking for but the previous options of Mac and Kiko etc were that bit too pricey for me.

There is a choice of two palettes, 4 shadows for £3.50 or 9 shadows for £4.50. I decided to go with the palette with 4 slots as I was looking for something slightly smaller, but the one with 9 would be great for your make up collection as you could create a lot of eye looks.

The individual shadows come in a little paper packaging with the heart cut out to see the shade. The first Boots I went to on Bond St did have testers but the next one in Stratford Westfield didn't. It's a tad tricky picking them without having testers to swatch so shop around until you find a store which has them. The eyeshadows are in small magnetic pans and are £2.50 each.

It's really easy to pop the pans into the slots in the palette. It's also very easy to take them out if you want to change the shade etc.

 Top - Strike A Pose & Bonfire Fue de Joie
Bottom -Lace Dentelle & Guilt Trip

Left to Right - Lace Dentelle, Strike A Pose, Guilt Trip & Bonfire Feu de Joie

This is a really lovely palette and I think it's worth the £12.50 which it costs all together. It's a lot more reasonable than other brands which offer the same product and the quality of the eyeshadow is right up there with high end brands. They are highly pigmented and they're soft enough to blend smoothly.

Let me know if you've made your own palette and how your experience was!


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