Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Lifestyle / Summer Drink ~ Nescafe Azera Iced Cappuccino

I don't know about you but as it gets hotter I feel like I need to stop for ice drinks a lot and they're all so pricey! So when I was mooching about Asda and came across these limited edition Iced Cappuccino sachets by Nescafe Azera I thought I'd pick them up. You get 6 sachets in a box for £1.50 which is a lot more reasonable than popping out all the time!

They are so easy to make but you could totally fool someone into thinking you're a fancy barista, as they taste amazing! You simply pour the sachet into a cup, add half with water and stir really well. Then you fill the other half with milk/soya, add a few ice cubes, sit back and enjoy! There's nothing else to it really!


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