Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Review / WITCH Overnight Clearing Serum

It's no secret that I have problematic skin. For some unbeknown reason my chin is clinging onto my teenage spots, like I'm clinging onto the hope that I'll one day own a Range Rover Sport (in white, in case anyone has an urge to buy me one). My annoying chin has led me to try many a spot clearing miracle product and there's something I've only recently realised. I used to apply the spot clearing product over my entire face, when it's actually only my chin that is always affected by blemishes. Whilst I was doing this the ingredients were drying my skin where it was perfectly fine. I have now started focussing on just my chin and any odd spots around my face.

I decided to go with the WITCH Overnight Clearing Serum as I just like the idea of putting something on my skin and giving it a good 10 hours to settle in and get to work. I also have recently decided to go down the moisturising route, unlike my old skincare routine where I used a lot of harsh strong creams which you put directly on each spot. That method was just drying me skin. So I have been using this clearing serum for nearly 3 months and I can definitely say I've seen a difference. My skin isn't breaking out as regularly and when I do get a spot it doesn't take too long to leave.

There is a pump to get the product which means little waste, which is always good. You also don't need to use a lot so think this bottle will last a long time. There is a slight fragrance to the product but it's not offensive in the slightest and just leaves a clean aroma. It feels like a light lotion, applies easily and sinks in reletavily fast. Although it is a night serum it does say can be worn in the morning under make up. So if I am having a particulary bad 'chin day' I like to plop a bit on.

I hope you enjoyed this review and that it may have made you #switchtowitch this Winter!


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