Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Review / Leighton Denny Renovate Nail Repair Cream

 Leighton Denney Renovate - £13 LINK

My nails have recently been deteriorating, I always paint them which I thought made them stronger but they begun to flake (ewww) and just break before they have a chance to grow. This may be down to the lack of calcium in my diet, but as dairy upsets my stomach, I thought I'd try to fix them another way. This kit was in the Marks and Spencer beauty advent calender and it's just what I needed to help my nails.

You start with using side one to refine your nails to reduce ridges and any flaking. It does say to only do this side once every two months. This was a really quick process and definitely helped to smooth my nails and sort out the splitting.

After, squeeze a tiny amount of the renovate cream onto the centre of each nail and then rub it in. This is also to moisturise your cuticles and around your nail, making the whole area look smooth and neat. I do find that even when I use hand cream around the finger tips never gets proper attention, so I can see the difference using this makes. I tend to use this every night without the other parts of this kit.

Finally after rubbing in the cream using the second side you can make your nails all healthy looking and shiny. This is a great touch if you don't want to paint your nails.

This is a really great kit and something anyone who loves painting their nails or just generally looking after their hands would love. I really recommend giving your hands a little TLC, the process is very relaxing and simple.


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