Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Review / Naked Urban Decay On The Run palette ~ Luxury Travel Palette

I'm a firm believer of travelling as light at possible and I'd say I've gotten quite good at packing for holidays etc. Since being at university and popping home for a night here and there or for the past xmas break for two weeks I noticed carrying a wash kit and make up bag was taking up a lot of room. No matter if I was going home for one night or two weeks I have to carry the same amount of products! So palettes like this Naked On The Run palette by Urban Decay is a fantastic palette to travel with. 

 Naked Urban Decay On The Run - £37 LINK

It's not the smallest of packaging but it's a sturdy metal box and can by put anywhere in your bag and contains all but foundation,concealer and make up brushes. I like the gold edges but I am not mad about the print on the lid, it's like an animal print got stuck outside on a rainy 70s day, but it's the inside that counts right?!

 Dive, Fix, Resist, Dare, Stun

The eyeshadows in this palette are beautiful, I don't know which Naked palette they are taken from but I've written all the names above in the order of the swatches. I love that there is a mix of glitter and matte shadows so different looks can be created. Dive is the most beautiful pomegranate colour and I am loving using it with Resist and Dare in the crease to create a light smokey eye. There is quite a lot of full out with the glitter so I do my eyeshadow first when using this and then clean up under my eye before doing my face make up.

The bronzer looks quite orange in this photograph but I apply it a lot lighter and it does create a good contour/bronze. The blush is a bright Barbie pink and again I apply this a lot lighter to create a more natural look. The highlighter is so pretty, a really delicate silvery shade which makes a lovely subtle shine.

Next up in the palette there is the Perversion black mascara, 24/7 eyeliner in Stag and a Naked lipgloss in Sesso. I love the mascara and use it a lot it creates a really lovely long lash and it's super black. The eyeliner is really soft and glides on smoothly and stay black all day. I am not a lip product girl so no surprise the lip gloss hasn't been used, the colour is a pretty berry tone but it is really sticky.

So overall I love this palette, it's great having everything I need in one kit. It would be impossible to have foundation and concealer in here too as that needs to match peoples skin tones and it would be a huge box to fit that and brushes too! Let me know if you've tried this palette and what you think!


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