Sunday, 20 September 2015

Fashion / 'I carried a watermelon' style ideas

I've always been a huge Dirty Dancing fan and every time I go to a food market/supermarket abroad I take the obligatory picture with the biggest watermelon I can find whilst quoting the infamous line 'I carried a watermelon'. I have felt rather inspired by this quote and put together a little collection of fashion watermelon bits for you.

one -  Sugar Hill Boutique Dress  £34 LINK

two -  Sugar Hill Boutique Top £24 LINK

three - Asos Watermelon Watch £20 LINK

four -  Accessorize skin for Iphone 4/5  - £1.20 LINK

five - Asos Keds Champion Watermelon print plimsoles £43 LINK

six - I love crafty watermelon necklace £20 LINK

seven - Misguided Watermelon and pom pom trimming shorts £12 LINK

I hope you enjoyed this post!!

 LINK £9.50


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