Sunday, 9 August 2015

The Body Shop Early-Harvest Raspberry Haul

If you've followed my blog for awhile you will be aware of my love for the Early-Harvest Raspberry range which The Body Shop for a very silly reason only sell in the sale. This is the only scent I like from The Body Shop so I wait until every season change before I can repurchase. Which meant this Summer a trip to the store was needed and this time there were a few new products to the range which I haven't tried before...

Body Butter    - £6.50 SALE
Body Exfoliant - £6.50 SALE

Firstly I didn't need to re-purchase the body butter yet as still have plenty left but in case you're new to this range I wanted to give you a little peak... One of the new items is this body exfoliant. This is a really interesting product as it's a mixture between a jelly shower gel and a light scrub and looks and smells like jam which I find amazing! It just smells so good mmm I tend to use this only on my legs and feet as that's where my 'rougher' skin is.

Shower Gel - £4 SALE
Body Lotion- £4 SALE

Of course I had to pick up a few bottles of the shower gel as it finishes pretty quickly and is my ultimate shower treat. I just love washing with it, it's really moisturising and smells incredible and makes me feel really happy and cheerful! The other new addition is this body lotion, I'm really happy that they've added this as I don't always have the time to apply the body butter and then wait for it to sink in and I also enjoy using body butter on my feet and legs and a lighter moisturiser for arms.

The scent is very much Raspberry, fresh raspberries, it just smells so incredibly delicious I would eat these products thinking they were raspberry foods if I didn't see the packaging. One whiff and there's no going back to any other shower products!I have just seen that they have a raspberry lip balm and lip gloss in their year round range and I think I'll have to give the balm a try soon.

I hope you enjoyed this post and let me know in the comments what your favourite scent is in the body shop!



  1. I've never tried anything from this range but I'm obsessed with the satsuma moisturiser xx

  2. Why have I not heard of this range before?! I absolutely love raspberries! I love the look of that exfoliant, it looks almost like jam!

    Kelsey xx

    The Petit Shepherd


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