Wednesday, 19 August 2015

A look at my other social networking sites...

Hey, I hope you're well and fine and having a fabulous Summer. Today I have a quick post for you with a little bit of shameless promotion. I've recently started an Instagram account just for my blog and really got back into tweeting so thought I'd let you all know about them, so you can take a look and follow. I also didn't want to just use those two sites for promoting my blog but to show you something different that you don't often see on my blog.

Instagram - @greatestformofflatteryblog LINK HERE

~ Here you'll be able to see a round up of my outfits of the week ~

Twitter - @sophiepearlblog LINK HERE

~Here you'll be able to see daily make-up and hair looks ~

Not only do you get to see more snippets into my life but I get to see yours! So how about giving me a follow on each and leaving your blogs/instagrams and twitter links on one of the social networking sites and I'll be sure to check yours out! I am always very happy to chat via any of these sites.


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