Sunday, 26 July 2015

Maybe it's because I'm a Londoner...

As the title suggests, here are my 10 top things which make you a Londoner! 

1- Our knowledge of the London Underground is not endless, we still have to take a sneaky look at the map to check our way

2-  To be honest I only really know how to get to a very few places and they are Oxford Circus, Covent Garden and the areas surrounding them.

3- Happy to go straight to brunch at somewhere hip, indie and cool.... salmon, scrambled egg, avocado and healthy brown bread with seeds....

4- We don't care for the River Thames, really it's not pretty to look at, most TV dramas feature it due to someone being murdered and then dumped in the murky waters with half of London's rubbish.... 

5-..... Nor do we want to go on the London Eye aggaaiinnn

6-We walk fast, and we don't stop for anyone. If you randomly stop in front of me I will sarcastically tell you what a great place to stop.

7- Although I want to keep moving, I do appreciate a queue, well I'll complain about having to wait in line for ages but then grumble about anyone pushing in and how it's simple etiquette to queue.

8- We know to stay away from Primark in sociable hours, if you're not there when it opens there's no point in stressing yourself out in a messy, hot and normally smelly store for a mooch.

9- We slowly but surely learn those strange short cuts through residential roads in order to cut out that immensely busy section between Topshop Oxford Circus and Selfridge's.

10- Christmas lights in Regent Street and Oxford Street are not an event, in fact I am pretty sure they've just turned into an advertisement for the most recent film to come out to Christmas.


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