Wednesday, 22 July 2015

A dress that keeps on giving

I was recently feeling a little nostalgic and went through my Facebook pictures and noticed a certain outfit popping up quite regularly. This white skater dress with multicoloured palm trees on from Zara which cost around £29.99. It's just one of those garments in my wardrobe which is so easy to wear and pair with different things, making it great for numerous occasions. I also enjoyed seeing how my appearance has changed over a few years.

This beautiful dress was a early 18th birthday present from my grandparents and I wore on my 18th birthday celebration in May, which was going out for tea. For the rest of the Summer it seemed to stay in my wardrobe but it came back out in September for my freshers ball, then once again it went away for the rest of year and made another appearance in the Summer for my brothers graduation lunch. For this occassion and my birthday I paired it with a light denim jacket from Topshop. Next I wore it to go clubbing in April for my friends birthday. Depending whether I wore it in the day or evening I wore a small black Juicy Couture bag or a pink Cambridge Satchel Company bag. Shoes wise I've worn smart sandals and more recently a pair of brightly coloured Ralph Lauren plimsolls.

Appearance wise my make up stayed very similar apart from my eyebrows being more defined now. My face also seemed to be quite round at 18 and is now much longer. I haven't changed my hair very much except getting it cut shorter and I like to straighten it and clip the front sections back. The dreaded braces were also only in for the 18th birthday.

The most recent time I wore this dress was just a few weeks ago on my family holiday cruise.

I haven't since found a dress I love just as much and is so flattering, I always keep an eye out in Zara to see if they bring this back with a new print as that would be a purchase worth making!

Let me know if you own this dress or what item is one of your most worn. I hope you enjoyed reading this post and make sure to leave your links below for me to take a read.


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