Sunday, 7 June 2015

Bournemouth Wheels Festival

Another post to do with Bournemouth for y'll Bournemouth based people but also a great sneak peak into my weekend! So once a year East Over Cliff to the Pier is taken over by fans of monster trucks to skateboards to see a display of cars, shows and a fun fair on the beach. So my boyfriend and I decided to pop down to check it out, did I mention it's free entry.... well it's free entry!

The day started off in true England Weather style and was chucking it down! So after hiding in bus stops we made it to a pub for a Cappuccino and Coke.


When it brightened up we popped to the Beach and took a few more snaps by the Cath Kidston Beach huts! 

We forgot the Wheels theme for a bit of time due to all of these pretty candy stores!!! They all looked so cute.. a little pricey mind.

We then popped by to watch a roller skating, BMW , Scooter and Skateboard show before heading onto my favourite section, which is the classic cars.

It was a really lovely day just walking around, having a look at everything and taking pictures. If you liked the pictures for this post you have Tom to thank due to his wonderful photography skills and fancy camera.... 


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