Thursday, 12 February 2015

Tackling Anxiety

Anxiety is something that has controlled my life since a young age. I was always told I was too sensitive, took things to heart, over thought, created problems from nothing and just generally worried. I thought it was just a problem I had to deal with and I started to feel embarrassed and stupid with how worried I'd get before doing anything, tiny things like packing my school bag stressed me out incase I'd forgotten something, going into school began to be a painful task and not to mention meeting up with friends, with my biggest fear of being stood up or cancelled  taking centre stage.

So I am not normally one for the whole New Year, new me BS (and I know I'm a month late on this)  but this is something I have continuously suffered from, and I want to make this the year that I swap 'suffered' with to 'tackled' and then 'overcame' as I don't want anything to hold me back anymore and seeing that so many peoples days are ruled by this A-word I hoped writing this post would inspire some of you reading and we could tackle it together. So here are the rules I am following --

1- You are what you eat.....

If you eat rubbish you're inevtibly going to feel like rubbish, coffee is the main bad guy. You get that short buzz of feeling super happy and excited and then Mr Cranky creeps up and bites your behind and leaves you feeling down and  drains you and your purse... it's an expensive way to make you unhappy! It's also time to cut down on the sugar which for me causes my skin to break out and that is one thing which tends to make me worry a lot.

2- Say Goodbye to Technology (except do this after reading this and following my blog)

Probably my hardest one, I am so guilty of being addicted to my phone, I religiously check Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram before I go to bed and when I wake up. I can't help but want to see what other people are up to and to share what I'm doing. Although I have noticed days when I am not glued to my phone and constantly checking everyone else's lives I am not only have a better day because I am doing more, I also sleep better at night and just generally feel healthy and more awake.

3- Make yourself happy
The whole time you let your anxiety take control you're not completely happy, so go right back to basics and work out what makes you happy. Surround yourself with people that make you feel good about yourself, remember friendship is a two way thing! Give yourself plenty of rewards, whether that's watching a film you really wanted to, buying something (shhh I understand) or eating cake!
4- Give yourself a purpose
I am the type of person that needs to set a goal or deadline for anything I do, be that a sewing project or just simple everyday chores. I like to set myself targets and then I make myself meet them. I find that on lazy days I am just moping around and I start to feel useless and then I'll just sit and worry and over think. So try and make yourself busy and have an ongoing to do list to complete!

I hope some of these points will help you tackle anxiety, I'd really like to know any of your suggestions too :) and remember...
keep smiling


  1. I just wanted to say how much I related to this post!! (especially the bit about coffee, if I haven't eaten it makes me a jittery mess!) One thing I've tried to do this past year is to just stop comparing myself to other people, my little sister is so much more outgoing and confident than me and that means I get worried phone calls from my mum asking if I'm okay or if I'm going out. For my first year or so at university I used to just force myself to go out clubbing and socialise but the truth is I just don't enjoy it and I'm not sure I ever will, now I'm in my final year I'm starting to feel a lot less guilty saying no to a night out when I'd much rather put on a face mask and watch a film! xx

    1. Hey Danielle, thanks so much for your lovely comment. I know what you mean! I didn't go out in my first year of uni until the third term as I just didn't like it at all. I like it more now but I definitely happy to stay in haha. I hope you're very happy and your final year of uni goes well :) I shall check out your blog now :)


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