Wednesday, 31 December 2014

2014 Favourites Pictures Tag

'So this is Christmas, what have you done? Another year over, A new one's just begun'

Here's a picture journal showing my favourite things about the year--

                            Favourite Day
This was by far the best day of the year, I went to an amazing restaurant in Cambridge with my family to celebrate my incredible brothers achievement of graduating from Cambridge University. I was unfortunately working in America for his actual graduation so was so happy to have this day :)
                             Favourite Night
I couldn't pick a top night but basically any time I go out/ stay in with my best friend we always have fun.

                           Favourite Friend

I am very lucky to have some really lovely friends, all of which have been there for me throughout the year whether for uni related things or personal things. So I definitely couldn't just pick one!

                         Favourite Achievement

This is the first costume that I've made for a live theatre production and I have never before been more proud of myself. It's made me a lot more enthusiastic and keen to work hard and I can't wait to have more of my work in productions :)

                         Favourite Picture


My best friend again.... this picture was from a lovely day and also reminds me of all the fun things we do on our days off from uni. We basically take ourselves out on 'school trips' trying to see different places/museums or shops aha
I tag you all in this '2014 Favourites' Tag :) Have fun looking back at your pictures and memories :)


  1. Such a lovely idea! I love your dress in your first photo, but the dress you designed yourself is incredible!! I hope you have a good 2015! :) xxx

    Pillarbox Post

    1. Thank you - the dress in the first is from Zara. The other dress I actually made and didn't design as I've chosen the costume making pathway at uni :)
      xxxx Thanks you too!


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