Wednesday, 5 November 2014

7 signs I'm no longer a fresher

I am well into my second year of university ( just to clarify, I don't mean I am 'well into it' in a gangster enjoying way but as in I am around 6 weeks into my first term back) and it's come to my attention that although I thought it would be just the same as my first year there are definite signs that I am no longer a fresher, I thought I'd share them with you and see if you feel the same way.
1- I no longer feel the need to introduce myself to every passing human by enquiring after their name, course, place of address, where they came from, did they do A-Levels and could I please have their bank details whilst I'm at it.
2- Staying in on Saturdays is actually not social suicide and I can't wait to have an evening in when my alarm doesn't have to be set for the next day and I am not spending my night manically working.
3- When it does come to nights out I've manage to reduce my getting ready time to about 10mins.
4- I no longer think it's fun to pre-drink until 12pm and then leave to the club when I can leave at 10.30 and get in for free, spend just as much time dancing as I used to, and still be home at an acceptable time.
5- Everyone suddenly in first year seems too young to be a university, I am sure I was never like that.
6- I stay in at university to get my work done and actually research from library books and don't just get all of my images from pintrest.
7- I spend most of the time complaining about the ridiculous work load and the long hours I am in, whilst dreading the fact that my course will soon be over and I'll have to join the real world and think about my future.

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