Saturday, 16 November 2013

How to NOT get home sick - University

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Before going to University my biggest fear was getting home sick, a ton of  'what if' scenarios were running around my head, giving me many restless nights. Yet since being here I've managed to settle into my new environment quite quickly. I did have a little bit of a wobble recently when I hurt myself and didn't have my mummy here, and as it was coming up to half way before I got to go home, I was  definitely ready to go home! It got me thinking what has made it so easy for me to settle in? So here goes........

1- Pictures  I've brought quite a few pictures with which I've put up in my room, I obviously chose pictures I really like and they've all captured great memories/friendships. I also had my Instagram pictures printed which you can read about HERE and put them on a corkboard. My favourite thing of all is my locket, which has a picture of my daddy, mummy, brother and me.

2-Familiarity- Although I am now in a new place that I didn't know at all, I tried to keep some things the same so I wasn't completely out of my comfort zone. And this blog is one of the things that I've kept with. It feels nice to be able to do something that I did at home here.
3-Technology- I've never appreciated phones more than when I moved here. I am able to chat to everyone at home through text or telephone and keep in touch really easily. As well as this, skype/face time is a lovely way of showing your friends/family your work or even your new university room.
4-Post- Getting post is so exciting, and I love getting letters from my family. It's much more personal than a text/email and having something written with their hand writing is very meaningful.
5-Keeping busy- The time I feel most down is when I am alone in my room doing nothing. So I make an effort to do things. When I am around other people I find myself having fun, even if it's something I wouldn't choose to do, you're with your friends and someone will always make you laugh. I've also signed up for some societies which include surfing and ballet.
What do you do to make sure you don't get homesick?


  1. Such a cute post! x

  2. I totally agree with the things you've put on here! When I was at uni I found I got homesick the most during the down times when I was alone in my room - the best thing to do is make yourself do things to keep busy then you eventually get used to being away and gradually get less home sick :)
    Sophie x


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