Monday, 25 November 2013

Stay away from the loud ones.......

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Rant Monday is back! People who speak the most have very little to say. I tend to stay away from the loud people, you know the ones that have a story for everything. You can literally be talking about anything and they will be able to back it up with a hilarious story, and if it's not their story they always seem to have a friend that's been everywhere, done everything and met everyone. I'd like to meet this friend, although they may be a tad on the invisible side. Maybe they should check out my invisibility post HERE to help them through it.

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Then of course along with having a story for everything, the one time I actually have something to tell they will always be that bit better than me. I could be telling them about the time I went to Israel and abseiled down a 70ft cliff and they'd be quick off the mark to tell me when they went they abseiled down a 1000ft cliff, with a bucket of water balanced on their head, the worlds biggest encyclopaedia in their rucksack, juggling fire and because they are so lovely they were also giving their friend a piggy back. And to make you feel even smaller they normally slip a few French words into their story. And all I can say to that is petit pois poison je m'appelle your face.....

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We are also lucky enough to be braced with the company of the stealers. You'll be sitting with your friends quietly telling them something funny and it will get a laugh. A few minutes later Mr/Mrs Loud will repeat your witty sentence as if they just came up with it and milk the appreciative laughter from their friends. Moving quickly on to the show off. Personally if I need to make/take a phone call I will go to my room or go outside, but some people will come out of their rooms and go to the most public and communal place to take their call. As they are supposedly telling their friend on the phone about how they just won an amazing competition, got invited to ten VIP parties and Mr Darcy is taking them out for lunch on the weekend. They are getting louder and louder and scanning the room, catching peoples eyes. I am pretty certain half the time there's no one on the other end of the phone.

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If you actually take the time listen to what these loud people have to say, it's really not much. It's mainly just them boasting about themselves. If you want to hear something interesting, then go and chat to the quiet kid in the corner, they know all the gossip....

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