Monday, 2 September 2013

I went to Bournemouth......

I never think of anywhere in England being a holiday destination, probably because of the rubbish weather and the fact that I live here. The stress of packing for a weight limit and the rush of getting to the plane on time, is how I always thought a holiday should start ! Though recently a weekend away in Bournemouth has changed my mind. I really think there are some lovely places to visit here, obviously most people think of London for the shopping but some other popular hot spots are Devon, Cornwall, Brighton and Bournemouth. I am lucky enough to have been to all of these places but to be honest I only remember Brighton and Bournemouth ! Brighton because we go every year for my brothers birthday and Bournemouth because I went last weekend !

So you're by the seaside and typically it's freezing cold so in England our beach food is fish and chips ! We went to Harry Ramsden café, which is right on the beach, and it was really delicious ! The portions were really large, I ordered a regular sized one and I don't know how you'd be able to eat more. I also ordered a side of mushy peas which are my absolute favourite form of peas, so delicious. The chips here were also really good, I normally like skinny fries and I find some of the chunkier ones are mushy in the middle but these most definitely weren't ! I also would like to point out just how cool the ketchup was, I've never seen it in squeeze me packets, only the tear the top off and squirt ketchup anywhere it may land packets !

Hat Primark // Denim Jacket Topshop // Burgundy T-shirt Topshop // Skinny Jeans House Of Holland // Creepers Underground // Satchel The Cambridge Satchel Company //

Along the edge of the sand are beach huts ! At one end they are all really pretty colours and well I couldn't resist posing by them :/  Interesting fact for you, the white boxes in front are not car park spaces but the people who own the huts also own that section in front, so they can put their chairs out etc. When we were walking passed a few people were sitting inside their huts so we got to have a sneaky peak inside, they really are small but most people seemed to have some cooking things inside and then chairs. I think they're great if you visit the beach a lot as you have all your things already at the beach.
The town centre in Bournemouth is really lovely and has a couple of theatres and cinemas as well as all the high street shops, cafes and restaurants you'll find in most places. As far as I am aware there is only one big shopping centre and that's outside. There was a Topshop, Next, TKmaXX, Boots etc there and they were all massive. We also went to Poole as that's really close and that had more indoor shopping centres. There's a lovely harbour which we walked to with lots of restaurants along the edge. 
I hope you liked my little round up of Bournemouth, if you're from there or know it a lot better than me, then please comment below saying where I should have visited !!!


  1. Harry Ramsdens chips are amazing! Really wish we had more up north!

    Sarah xx

    1. They were really great !!!! I don't think I have any in London, I know there's one in Brighton though :)

  2. Bournemouth used to be my favourite place to head during Summer for shopping and walks through the gardens.
    I do however prefer Weymouth beach to Bournemouth beach

    Peach Pow XO

    1. oooo Where are the pretty gardens? The shops there are good but they do all seem to be outside which is a downside if it's cold/raining. I don't know if I've been to Weymouth beach, but I definitely recognize the name !

  3. Ahh I used to go to Bournemouth every year for Easter with my family. The best thing is they have a Zara! Great post Sophie xx

  4. Fab photo's! I live by the seaside and i should take advantage of it more! xo

  5. I've never been but looks like a nice place! :)


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