Wednesday, 31 July 2013


On Saturday I went to my first ever blogger meet up, I am not going to lie I was really nervous to go and I know a lot of people get nervous for these things, so thought I'd let you know there is nothing to be scared of !!! So the #julylondonmeetup was arranged by Helen from Beautifully Superfluous and she did an amazing job. We all met in TigerTiger at the Haymarket where we had a gossip and a drink, oooo and cake pops !!

It was really amazing to see the people behind the blogs and thanks so much to those of you who recognized me and said hi. It was strange that people knew who I was but at the same time amazing to know that people read my blog regularly.

Picture of about half of the girls there - I am in the back row second from left :) Picture from  Meet The Millards Check out Emma's post as well HERE there's a sneaky pic of me there too :)

We were given our amazing goody bags before heading off in groups to hit the shops. Firstly let's talk about these goody bags, I've never seen such a huge amount of things. Helen you are amazing at getting all of these things together ! I am so excited to try everything, especially the crazy amount of nail art things !!! I will be getting some reviews up soon about my favourite products in the bag.



We then split up into small groups, as 30 fashion and make-up fanatics going shopping would literally take forever !!! I ended up in a lovely group with Olivia from Beauty from the Fjord, who is seriously lovely and I recommend you head on over to her blog asap. I was also with Claire from PinkChickClaire who was extremely kind and I think we bonded over our need for food hahah and last but not least Rachel from BeautyQueenUk who was so lovely to chat with and I spent most of the event with her.
I definitely recommend going to these events as they are so much fun !! Thanks again Helen for making it amazing :)


  1. What a fun time!! Jealous! I want to go to one!
    Can't wait to read some reviews from the goody bags!!

    1. It was really lovely - I found out via the girls blog so I am sure you will come across some

  2. What a lovely event. I wish that one day I can go to a blogger meetup x


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