Wednesday, 24 July 2013

It's Universal don'tcha know....

After the excitement of Disney we headed over to Universal Studios. This was our first time going to this park and the thing which drew us in was the Harry Potter World. So a little about Universal, it's one dollar more expensive to park there than Disney (wwhhaaattt more expensive than Disney ?!). There are two parks at Universal but they are right next to each other so you can get two types of tickets, the first type is a one park ticket, this is the one we got, and the other being a park hopper so you can go to both parks.

We chose to go to Islands of Adventure which is where Harry Potter World is, this is also the busiest park. I'd recommend going straight to the Harry Potter section as it was so busy, we straight away got into a queue for the main ride there and we waited just over an hour for it. So the main ride is 'Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey' this was the scariest ride of all ! Its a flight simulator and I've never felt more sick in my life, you get chucked around the quidditch pitch before being taken into some kind of cave where death eaters are surrounding you. I came off that ride shaking !
The next ride in this area is 'Flight of The Hippogriff', this is a small roller-coaster which doesn't go upside down. I really enjoyed this ride, although it was seriously short, to be precise 70 seconds short ! There is one final ride in this section which is a huge roller-coaster and I didn't have the bravery to go on it. ( 3 cheers for bravery waaduuuppp Mary-Kate and Ashley reference)
The Harry Potter world was set up really well, they'd thought about every detail from the cobbled stone floor to the glistening snow on the roof tops. You could go into all of the stores, so there was the candy store, joke store, wand store and uniform store. It was really over-priced but my brother bought a letter kit and some pins. They also had the infamous butter beer, it tasted different to the London studios one, this was more like a sweet root beer, whilst the London one was very sugary. You could get it cold or frozen and I got it cold and it was delicious, my brother had the frozen one and that was pretty tasteless.

We also ate in this are of the park, the food was very much the same as Disney but they did have some English food in this area such as fish and chips !

Leaving that area we went onto Dr Sues land which was really cute ! Everything was really colourful and happy and aimed at kids - so I loved it !! They had a cart ride which I was on when I took this picture. It went around the land and it was a good opportunity to work out where to go next in the park and take some pretty scenic pictures !!
We then walked through the cartoon section as we all wanted to go on a water ride. What we thought we were going on was a water raft, like a lazy river but it turned out to be something quite different....
It was a really rough ride, and I mean that because you're not tied down properly so you're thrown around the boat and I got two bruises from this ride. The water came at you with such power that it actually hurt and my goodness they were not joking about getting drenched ! So if you see the sign to 'Popeye and Bluto's Bilge-Rat Barges' walk the opposite way that it tells you to !
So there you are my day at Universal Studios ,  I wouldn't go back to this park because there weren't enough friendly rides to go on. It was very much like going to Thorpe Park, so unless you're a major Potter fan I don't think the rest of the things are worth it. I did enjoy my day until we got soaked as that was very uncomfortable ! Just to let you know there were other themes in the park I just haven't spoken about them in this post.
I think I will let you know about the food in Florida soon so keep posted !
Let me know if you've been to universal and what you thought of it :)


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