Monday, 22 July 2013

I'm a Disney Girl....

That's right I am back from the world of hope and dreams, I am back from Disney World Florida ! I have been once before but I couldn't remember it all too well. We stayed in Orlando, really close to the Universal studios, but that's another post... My impressions of Orlando ? I found it very strange as you can't walk anywhere we literally had to drive to each shop/ restaurant. Everything is huge and its extremely touristy, I get the feeling that people only go there  to visit family or to go to the theme parks.  With that said the shopping there is good too , with two main malls and then a lot of outlet centres.

What to wear for the theme parks -  I'd recommend shorts so you can go on the rides comfortably and definitely wear trainers/converse. I'd also recommend wearing a light weight shirt or T-shirt to make sure you don't burn. A sun cap and sun cream is a must !!

The first park we visited was Epcot which stands for 'Experimental Prototype community of Tommorow'. Which makes sense when you think about the park, if you haven't been before then let me explain what Epcot is all about. If you're into big rides then skip Epcot out as there are only a few rides here and they are very much the same type of rides. The most popular ride is Soaring and that can create quite a queue. This park definitely has the most walking around.
The main part of Epcot is going around the countries, and this is done really well ! Each country has buildings with their architecture and shops selling things from the countries. All of them have a snack bar and a sit down restaurant. I think only two of them had a ride and then around three had a film. I'd recommend getting to Epcot for when it opens (9am) and heading straight to the countries and going anti-clockwise as it should be less busy ! The park shuts at 9pm and there is a fireworks display but we didn't stay for that as I think we had finished the whole park by around 5pm. As I said earlier, the countries are all made really well and accurate, with little details added to keep it up to date. Only dodgy thing was some of the national dress which was worn, the English people looked a bit German !

The park everyone should go to is Magic Kingdom , it's the main one and has all of the popular characters. As well as this you have to go and see the castle, it really is magical. If you're thinking of going to Magic Kingdom the least busy day to go is a Friday and make sure you get there for 9am. Now this doesn't mean arrive in the car park for 9 as you don't just walk straight into the park, first you get a buggy to the station and then the Disney Express into the park. Most people then go straight into the main street, I thoroughly recommend getting on the cart train which is inside the park, and getting off at fantasy land, as no one will have got that far yet. We did this and it meant we didn't queue for most of our rides. In fact the only big queues were for 'It's a small world' the peterpan ride,  which you can get a fast pass for on the day for free, and then the log flume and runaway train.
This park has a ton of gentle rides, mainly sitting in carts of different shapes and being taken through stories or sitting in a boat on water and taken through stories. The biggest ride is the log flume, it's the biggest one in the world and although I was reluctant to go on I am pleased I did as it was a lot of fun and you don't even get wet because it goes so fast ! The runaway train is also a lot of fun, it's a roller-coaster but doesn't go upside down, it's actually quite a long ride which is nice so you don't feel you've queued all that time and then the rides over in seconds. We also got a fast pass for this ride and I think that was really worth it.

So as I said before all of the most popular characters are at this park and there is a timetable so you don't miss any. This was one of the times that we had the longest queue, I am unsure if fast track guests can skip this queue. You can also see most of the characters in the parade which happens at night.

After the parade it was packed and we thought it would be good to walk back through the park to the train and get the train to the front. But when we got there we found out that the train was shut ! so no one do that !!! Although we then got to meet Daffy Duck , Donald Duck, Goofy and Minnie and it was really quiet so we didn't queue for that :)
Food wise at Magic Kingdom - it's very expensive to go to the restaurants, so I'd recommend going to the snack bars/fast food places. We still had nice food, but at lunch time the portions were quite small.  The guide map is really great and tells you the prices of the food places so you don't have to walk all the way there and do the walk of shame out !

I loved going to Disney World , I definitely would go back to Magic Kingdom but probably not Epcot. Last time I went to the Hollywood Studios and I wish we'd had gone there again. I loved this holiday and I look forward to sharing my experience of Universal Studios with you soon !!

 I nearly forgot you must all collect the pins when you're there ! And to get some free ones go to the desk and you can get them if, 1- it's your first visit, 2- it's your birthday, 3- you're celebrating something, 4- you're engaged, 5- it's your anniversary and 6 you're having a family reunion !

Let me know if you've been to Disney World and what parks/rides are your favourite ! I hope you like this post and my pictures and found my tips helpful xxx


  1. Disney World is my favourite place ever! I'm going in three weeks, Tower of Terror is defrosted my favourite ride from the Disney parks x

  2. Fab Photo's! I'm hoping to go to Disney World for my 21st! I love all things Disney and just booked to go to the one in Paris! xo

  3. I've only ever been to Disneyland Paris but would love to go to Florida one day! x

  4. I'd love to go there some day!

    the grass mickey and minnie are so cute

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