Sunday, 2 June 2013

#StyleBloggerAwards Company Magazine 2013

I am so grateful for everyone who voted me for the Company Blogger Awards. It's such an amazing thing that I was shortlisted to the top ten personal style bloggers, as a huge amount of bloggers were nominated. I am still so excited by this!!! On Wednesday evening I hopped on the Train to Shoreditch to the event. I was super nervous to go alone so I took my bestie, Becky,  along for the ride and we both had an amazing night! I loved meeting other bloggers and it was lovely to get to know Holly from I Blog the Fashion - I am so pleased that she won the Under 18 category, she really deserved it :)
The event began with champagne and then some cocktails especially made with bloggers in mind. There was an opportunity to decorate some sunnies, which was a lot of fun, get your lashes and hair done. As well as take pictures in the photobooth, me and Becky definitely took advantage of this and loved creating memories of our night! There were also some of the new season New Look clothes to look at. We then all went to listen to the awards being given out and then afterwards we spent the evening chatting away and snapping away. I don't think I've taken as many selfies as I did tonight hahaha. Get ready for my picture heavy post !

wooo my picture is on Company Website
The first thing we did was decorate some sunnies, this was such a fun ice-breaker and an easy DIY for everyone to try at home. I went with daisies around the top and Becky went with spikes. This was held by Pinneditmadeit which you can check out here

I had my eyelashes done (for the first time) by the Vintage Cosmetic Company, you can follow them on twitter @thevintagecosco and check out the picture they tweeted of me here. The Vintage Cosmetic Company is such a cute brand, the packaging is amazing and I loved the lashes, they have such a good selection to compliment your lashes. The girls working were also really friendly and helpful as I've never worn falsies before so they helped me pick and explained how you applied them.
Even more exciting news to tell you now, the Candy Kittens were wandering around giving out some hot pink lollies. I was rather excited by this!! For you strange people that don't spend their Monday evening watching ‘Made in Chelsea’ Candy Kittens is the sweet heaven owned by Jamie Laing. You can check out their website here, Check out that hot pink rucksack, I love it! And follow them on twitter too @CandyKittens_UK. This lolly is just too lovely to eat that it's being proudly displayed on my desk as we speak !


We all got given an amazing goodie bag when we left! I am excited to try everything out and hopefully do some reviews for some of the things :)

Thanks again to everyone for voting for me and not only was this a really fun event to attend it's definitely boosted my confidence about going to these things and I am looking forward (even more now) for a meet up I am going to in the Summer :)

Massive thank you to Becky for taking so many pictures and sending them to me for this post yah


  1. Well done for being short listed it looked like such an amazing night! Xo

    1. Thank you very much :) yes it really was


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